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Origins[edit] Part of a series on the History of Somalia Prehistory Laas Gaal Dhambalin Ancient Land of Punt Macrobians Barbara City-states Middle Ages Sultanate of Mogadishu Ifat Sultanate Warsangali Sultanate Adal Sultanate Ajuran Sultanate Early modern Geledi sultanate Majeerteen Sultanate Colonial period (1884–1960) Sultanate of Hobyo Dervish State Italian Somaliland British Somaliland Trust Territory Modern Somalia (since 1960) Somali Republic Communist rule Anarchy Period Transitional National Government Transitional Federal Government Federal Government Somalia portal v t e Main article: Somali aristocratic and court titles At the end of the 17th century, the Ajuran Sultanate was on its decline, and various vassals were now breaking free or being absorbed by new Somali powers. One of these powers was the Sili Kingdom, which began consolidating its rule over the Afgooye region. Ibrahim Adeer led the revolt against the Silci ruler Umar Abrone and his oppressive daughter, Princess Fay.[3] After his victory over the Silcis, Ibrahim then proclaimed himself Sultan and subsequently started the Gobroon Dynasty. Ibrahim and the other Gobroon nobles were descended from Omar Dine, an early Muslim leader who had arrived with four of his brothers from the Arabian peninsula. Among this group of siblings, all of whom were Islamic clerics, was Fakr ad-Din, the first Sultan of the Mogadishu Sultanate (fl. 13th century). The other two brothers are referred to variously as Shamse Dine (Shams-ad-diin), Imudi Dine, Alahi Dine and Ahmed Dine. Omar Dine is said have taken residence in Harar. Some traditions also associate him with that city-state's sixteenth century Sultan, Umar Din.[4]

Military[edit] The Geledi army numbered 20,000 men in times of peace, and could be raised to 50,000 troops in times of war.[5] The supreme commanders of the army were the Sultan and his brother, who in turn had Malaakhs and Garads under them. The military was supplied with rifles and cannons by Somali traders of the coastal regions that controlled the East African arms trade.

Rulers[edit] Rulers of the Sultanate of the Geledi: # Sultan Reign Notes 1 Ibrahim Adeer late 17th century–mid 18th century Established the Geledi sultanate in the late 17th century. First ruler in the Gobroon Dynasty. 2 Mahamud Ibrahim mid 18th-1828[6] Inherited throne from father. Bequeathed it to son. 3 Yusuf Mahamud Ibrahim 1828–1848[6] Rule marked the start of the golden age of the Geledis. 4 Ahmed Yusuf 1848–1878[6] Exacted tribute from the Omanis south of Lamu. Regularly extended support to East African sultanates fighting the Zanzibaris. 5 Osman Ahmed 1878-1910[6] Inherited throne from father. Reign marked the beginning of the decline of the Geledi sultanate.

See also[edit] Ajuran Sultanate Walashma dynasty History of Somalia List of Sunni Muslim dynasties

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References[edit] Luling, Virginia (2002). Somali Sultanate: the Geledi city-state over 150 years. Transaction Publishers. ISBN 0-7658-0914-1.  Luling, Virginia (1993). The Use of the Past: Variation in Historical traditions in a South Somalia community. University of Besançon. 

Further reading[edit] Virginia Luling (2002). Somali Sultanate: the Geledi city-state over 150 years. Transaction Publishers. ISBN 0-7658-0914-1.  v t e  Somalia topics Outline Index History Laas Gaal Land of Punt Walashma dynasty Warsangali Sultanate Adal Sultanate Ajuran Empire Geledi Sultanate Majeerteen Sultanate Sultanate of Hobyo Dervish State Italian Somaliland British Somaliland Ogaden War Rebellion (1986–1992) Piracy Civil War By topic Maritime Military Geography Climate Wildlife Greater Somalia Cape Guardafui Hafun Waterfalls Iskushuban Lamadaya Mountain ranges Golis Mountains Cal Madow Ogo Mountains Mountains Shimbiris Bahaya Dul Madoba Island Saad ad-Din Islands Bajuni Islands Politics Constitution Elections Foreign relations Government Prime Minister Human rights LGBT LGBT history Judiciary Law (Xeer) Military Parliament Political parties President Subdivisions Awdal Bakool Banaadir Bari Bay Galguduud Gedo Hiran Middle Juba Lower Juba Mudug Nugal Sanaag Middle Shebelle Lower Shebelle Sool Togdheer Woqooyi Galbeed Federal Member States   Awdalland   Jubaland   Galmudug   Himan and Heeb   Khatumo   Puntland   Somaliland Economy Agriculture Central Bank Companies Economic history EEZ Mineral industry Oil industry Shilling (currency) Telecommunications Tourism Transportation Society Culture Anthem Architecture Art Cinema Coat of arms Cuisine Diaspora Education Flag Literature Music Religion Islam Christianity Sports Demographics Ethnic groups Somalis Benadiris Bravanese Bantus Bajunis Italian Somalis Languages Arabic Bravanese Maay Somali Book Category Portal v t e Empires Ancient Akkadian Egyptian Carthaginian Phoenician Assyrian Babylonian Kushite Aksumite Hittite Iranian Median Achaemenid Parthian Kushan Sasanian Tuoba Hellenistic Macedon Ptolemaic Seleucid Indian Maurya Gupta Chinese Qin Han Jin Roman Western Eastern Teotihuacan Xianbei Xiongnu Medieval Byzantine Nicaea Trebizond Hunnic Arab Rashidun Umayyad Abbasid Fatimid Córdoban Ayyubid Moroccan Idrisid Almoravid Almohad Marinid Iranian Tahirid Samanid Buyid Sallarid Ziyarid Turko-Persian Ghaznavid Great Seljuq Khwarezmian Timurid Somali Ajuran Ifatite Adalite Mogadishan Warsangali Bulgarian First Second Aragonese Benin Latin Oyo Bornu Indian Chola Gurjara-Pratihara Pala Eastern Ganga dynasty Delhi Mongol Yuan Golden Horde Chagatai Khanate Ilkhanate Kanem Serbian Songhai Khmer Carolingian Holy Roman North Sea Angevin Mali Chinese Sui Tang Song Yuan Wagadou Aztec Inca Srivijaya Majapahit Bruneian Ethiopian Zagwe Solomonic Tibetan Modern Tongan Ashanti Indian Maratha Sikh Mughal British Raj Chinese Ming Qing Yuan Shikai Turkish Ottoman Iranian Safavid Afsharid Zand Qajar Pahlavi Moroccan Saadi Alaouite Ethiopian Somali Gobroon Majeerteen Hobyo Dervish French First Second Austrian Austro-Hungarian German Second Reich Third Reich Russian Swedish Mexican First Second Brazilian Korean Japanese Haitian First Second Central African Colonial American Belgian British English Danish Dutch French German Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish Swedish Lists Empires largest Pre-modern great powers v t e Kingdoms and dynasties of the medieval Horn of Africa States Empire of Abyssinia Ambassel Agame Akkele Guzay Amhara Angot Bahr Begemder Bugna Delanta Dembela Enderta Entitcho Gheralta Hamasien Haramat Lasta Mai-Tsade Tembien Tigray Tselemt Salowa Semada Serae Shewa (Efrata, Geshe) Shire Wag Islamic sultanates & kingdoms Adal Ajuran Aussa Ifat Mogadishu Warsangali Arbabni Argobba Aymallal Bale Baqulin Dahlak Dobe'a Bazin Belgin Dara Dawaro Dewe Gabaal Ganz Gidaya Gurage Hadiya Harar Jarin Maya Mora Qata Sharkha Showa (Menz, Gedem) Tankish Werjih Kingdom of Beta Israel Dembiya Gafat Gojjam Waldebba Semien Wegera Qwara Tsegede Wolqayt Kingdom of Damot Dawro Enarya Janjero Kaffa Sheka Wolayta Sidama kingdoms Bahargamo Buzamo Garo Kambaata Sidamo Sigamo Events Ethiopian–Adal war Oromo migrations First Ajuran-Portuguese war Second Ajuran-Portuguese war Dynasties Solomonic dynasty Walashma dynasty Zagwe dynasty Retrieved from "" Categories: Former countries in AfricaStates and territories disestablished in 1910History of SomaliaAjuuraan StateFormer empiresSomali empiresGobroon dynastyHidden categories: Former country articles requiring maintenanceArticles containing Somali-language textArticles containing Arabic-language text

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